Democrats continue to STEAL House seats in California… now over a dozen seats stolen by ballot fraud

While criminal Democratic election officials in Florida continue to wreak havoc in that state following the 2018 midterms, the phenomenon of ‘finding’ thousands of ballots well after election day is not limited to Broward and Palm Beach counties in the Sunshine State.

It seems as though Dem operatives in California are also hard at work ‘finding’ ballots late in several races there, and always to the detriment of Republican candidates and incumbents who actually won on Election Day.

As reported by Vox, the list of House seats Republicans have lost has grown considerably — since the polls closed more than a week ago. As the old saying goes, it’s not who is casting votes that counts but rather who counts the votes. And in Democrat-run precincts, that’s where votes are being “found” days after the midterms.

In California, the GOP hemorrhaging is especially pronounced. It wasn’t enough for the Democrats to win the House outright; they appear to be making their prediction of a “blue wave” come true even though it didn’t happen on Election Day.

As the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Tuesday, a week after polls closed, of 10 remaining races to be called Democrats suddenly and unexpectedly took the lead in seven of them:

Democrats gained ground in two undecided House races in Orange County, California, raising the possibility of a Democratic sweep of four closely contested congressional races in the one-time Republican stronghold.

In the 45th District in Orange County, Democrat Katie Porter jumped into a 261-vote lead over Republican Rep Mimi Walters, after trailing the incumbent since Election Day.

And in the 39th District, anchored in Orange County, Democrat Gil Cisneros tightened the gap with Republican Young Kim.

“One-time” Republican stronghold? House races occur every two years; in just two years’ time a ‘Republican stronghold’ fell to Democrats? How unlikely is that? (Related: Two OBAMA-appointed judges rule in favor of Stacy Abrams, putting her closer to stealing election.)

Democrats are stealing elections and our democratic processes

There are other irregularities occurring in the deep blue state of California, which apparently isn’t deep blue enough for the hard Left, the Daily Mail notes:

… Democrats claimed the seats of Republican Reps Dana Rohrabacher in the county’s 48th District and retiring Darrell Issa in the 49th District, which cuts through the southern end of the county.

First-time candidate Josh Harder also defeated four-term Republican US Rep Jeff Denham Tuesday in California’s farm belt, giving Democrats their fourth pickup of a GOP House seat in California.

Rohrabacher has served since 2003; Issa since 2000. Both were considered to be in safe GOP districts in California (yes, even California has safe Republican districts). But they wound up losing after leading after the polls closed. Issa chose to retire, but that shouldn’t have meant that his seat was suddenly ‘up for grabs,’ when he beat his opponent in the primary 51-46 percent.

The same is true of Rohrabacher. He received his lowest winning percentage of his elected career in 2008, and even then he beat his Democratic opponent by 10 percentage points. In 2016 he won reelection with 58.3 percent; how do you go from consistent Republican support with victories in the high 50’s and low 60s to a loss in two years?

Answer: There is no reasonable answer except one that few Americans are yet willing to entertain — that one of the two primary political parties in our country is exceedingly corrupt and will do anything to steal power.

“The Democrats are now the party of vote fraud, and they have already stolen over a dozen House seats and at least one Senate seat. They’re still working to try to steal Florida through a massive “ballot factory” operation that continues to operate in blatant violation of both state and federal law,” writes Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “Yet no one is stopping the Democrats from stealing elections.”

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