The only way to fix elections and stop Democrat theft is to stop provisional ballots, mail-in ballots and post-election voting

The post-midterm election chaos is coming to an end as loser Democrats in Georgia and Florida finally do the right thing by conceding their defeats to their Republican opponents. But because of voting laws in those states and elsewhere around the country, we haven’t seen the last of the Left’s election shenanigans. 

There are ways to make our elections much more reliable and far less problematic, but there has to be the political will (and legal fortitude) to get it done.

Specifically, as Michael Walsh at PJ Media writes, we need to get rid of “early voting, provisional voting, motor-voter registration, mail-in ballots, phone-in or faxed-in ballots, [and] absentee ballots except for on-duty military stationed overseas (civilian living out of the country? Tough, your choice).”

Also, Walsh notes, “all results” of elections should “be reported within twelve hours of poll closings and certified within 24.”

If we do that, then “problem solved,” he writes. “That’s largely the way elections used to be conducted in the modern age, when personal responsibility was still prized and the notion of civic duty was not derided as a relic of a vanishing ‘white,’ patriarchal America that is rapidly being replaced by an ascendant (and coincidentally Democratic) coalition of women and minorities.”

For decades, beginning with motor-voter registration — officially called the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 — Democrats have been devising ways to make it much easier to commit election fraud. The NVRA provided three principle means of voter registration:

— People could register to vote when they renewed their driver’s license;

— People could register at any federal office that provides public assistance of any kind;

— People could register to vote by mail provided applications were received and approved 30 days prior to a federal election.

Since then, states have adopted other methods of registration and voting, as Walsh listed in his piece. But what hasn’t been allowed, thanks to Democrat court challenges and judicial activist judges sitting on the federal bench, are any laws requiring voters to prove they can vote legally (such as voter ID laws that mandate identification via an official government document like a driver’s license or other means).

Delegitimizing GOP wins is the objective

Democrats claim that no vote fraud occurs, but numerous examples of fraud have been reported over the years. And in nearly every case the fraud has benefited candidates belonging to the party of the donkey. (Related: Dishonest Democrats trying to steal the election in Georgia, too.)

And there could have been much more of it following the Nov. 6 midterm elections, Walsh notes. Since then “the GOP has seen a steady number of House seats slip away from their apparent victors, as well as a Senate seat in Arizona and, still at issue, a Senate seat in Florida and two governorships, in Florida and Georgia” (the Senate seat and gubernatorial races have since been decided, but only after weeks of chicanery and Democratic attempts to overturn election day victories for Republicans).

Forget “Russian meddling.” When Democrats win, all results are legitimate but when they lose, elections have been “stolen.” “Democracy has been denied.” Republican “election theft” has occurred. Recounts must be undertaken immediately, at which time additional ballots are mysteriously discovered (that favor Democrats).

When recounts are halted under long-established legal standards and Republican victories upheld, the GOP “stole” the results, which, by default, makes the outcome illegitimate. And everything that Republican does from that point on is summarily illegitimate. 

All of this began in earnest with Hillary Clinton’s loss to POTUS Donald Trump. This Democrat tactic of delegitimizing Republican victories has now spread to the states. And it will continue spreading.

There may not be any way to stop the spread at this point, which means that, in the not-too-distant future, elections ‘declared’ illegitimate by the Left will induce chaos and violence. 

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