Democrats cannot WIN elections unless they CHEAT at the voting booths

Underneath all of the talk about social justice, the redistribution of wealth, and how horrible of a president Donald Trump is, there is only one thing that the liberals have ever truly cared about: power. In fact, so power-hungry is the progressive left that, in most cases, they are willing to do anything and everything just to maintain control over the rest of us – even if it means secretly supporting voter fraud.

In a recent article published on, Dave Hodges argued that the modern-day Democrat Party is the party of voter fraud. He points out that voter fraud has seldom been more prominent than it was during the 2016 democratic primaries, which Hodges acknowledges should have been won by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton. Hodges sites a Stanford study, which found that while pre-election polls accurately predicted the results of the election when a paper ballot was used, when unreliable, unregulated electronic voting machines were used, Hillary exceeded the pre-election polling numbers by an astonishing nine percent. If voter fraud is not a serious problem in America, then how could this have possibly happened? (Related: Video evidence shows that most democrats openly endorse voter fraud to forward their agendas.)

Why voter fraud is so difficult to stop

The obvious answer to voter fraud is to take the steps necessary to provide for more control over the election process. Voter ID laws, for example, are a great way to ensure that we know who is participating in our elections and that voter fraud is not being committed. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the liberals are standing in the way of voter ID laws in states across the country, including, most recently, in the state of Texas.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos ruled that the state of Texas had violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act by passing their own voter ID law, Senate Bill 14. “Ramos reached the same ruling she made in 2014,” writes the Daily Caller. “She based it on Texas’ alleged history of discrimination, Republicans’ attempt to speed the bill through the legislature, and the law’s ‘unduly strict terms.’”

Judge Ramos explained that the states that were suing Texas had evidence that “established a discriminatory purpose was at least one of the substantial or motivating factors behind passage of SB 14.”

This is the exact same argument that we hear all the time from the left when it comes to the issue of voter fraud and voter ID laws – that somehow, introducing legislation meant to give states control over who participates in their own elections is an act of racism. This implies, of course, that voter ID laws have more of an impact on minorities than on non-minorities, which is a preposterous argument. Even if minorities were affected more by voter ID laws (which they aren’t), it seems silly and almost laughable to assume that states that introduce these laws are doing so simply because they want to keep blacks and Hispanics from voting. It has to do with upholding electoral integrity, not skin color. (Related: Any election without nationwide mandatory voter ID is a farce – democrats hate democracy.)

For those who don’t understand the true nature of the progressive left, it seems hypocritical for the liberals to be so concerned about Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, but at the same time not at all concerned about voter fraud. Remember, the democrats are all about power – they talk endlessly about Russia’s role in the presidential election because they want to take power away from Donald Trump, and they ignore the very real issue of voter fraud because illegal votes help them win elections. They really do believe in cheating their way to victory, and most of the time it’s because they can’t win on the issues.

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